Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D. is an apostle, missionary, apostolic theologian, Bible scholar, women’s advocate, feminist, activist, university chancellor, songwriter, worship leader, worship dancer, and Senior Prelate, founder, and visionary for Apostolic Fellowship International Revival Ministries (AFIRM). In acknowledgement of her extensive work in the apostolic, she has been called “the greatest apostle in the modern church.” A seminary doctoral graduate of Apostolic Preachers College (now Apostolic University) in Philosophy, Theology, Divinity, and Religion/Comparative Religion, Dr. Marino’s approach to preaching, teaching, Spiritual matters, and Scriptural education have touched a generation looking for leadership, connection, and understanding in our modern times.

In nearly two decades of ministry, Dr. Marino has made the joke that she’s been “every Pentecostal denomination under the sun.” A college exploration of religion back in 1997 led her to “get saved the first time,” immersing her into a spiritual world of gifts, devotional spirituality, and an intense call to ministry, sometimes in churches that worked – and sometimes in settings that went seriously awry. Through a series of different events, including periods of time in Charismatic, Holiness, Full Gospel, Oneness, Apostolic, and non-denominational, Dr. Marino found her own calling – and her own ministerial identity – in neo-Apostolic, a division of modern Pentecostal understanding that respects and heralds the ancestry of the past, along with vision for the modern-day issues and circumstances the church and the world face today.

Dr. Marino has been in ministry since 1998 and founded Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries in 2004. She was ordained as a pastor in 2002 and as an apostle in 2010. Her experiences have taken her to over five hundred religious services and experiences of all sorts throughout the years, both Christian and non-Christian alike, as she studied and strived to learn what all believe. The work of Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries now extends to all Christian borders, working in different Protestant and non-denominational churches alike. Apostle’s vision is about the church now, honoring history while looking forward, and about becoming “all things to all people,” that some may be saved. Her fellowship encompasses twenty churches and ministries worldwide, thousands of friends, and includes the work of Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle – SIFT, a church movement dedicated to leading people to God without politics, where she emphasizes relationship, acceptance, experience, and service. In covering, her emphasis is on the unique development of each leader to become all God has for them to be in their specific gifting and ministries. She has preached and taught throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and in Europe. Affectionately nicknamed “the Spitfire,” she is best-known for her work in the apostolic, her instruction for church leaders and ministers, her work in the study of gender, sexual ethics, and human sexuality, and her work in women’s ministry through the study of Female Apologetics, established and first taught by Dr. Marino herself. She has spent over twenty years in advocacy, education, and work for and with minority communities, including women, African-Americans, Latinos, and the LGBT community.

Her work is not without acclaim, and she is the recipient of several awards and has been featured in many magazine publications and on many radio and television programs over the years, including Woman of the Year 2012 and Mother of the Year 2013. As Chancellor of Apostolic University since 2004, her teachings in the apostolic, church history and protocol, Scripture studies, textbooks, and educational materials on many issues of faith, ethics, gender, sociology, church history, theology, and philosophy have reached individuals in over seventy-five countries. Having written over twenty-five books, including her best-sellers, Ministry School Boot Camp: Training For Helps Ministries, Appointments, And Beyond (Righteous Pen Publications, 2014), Awakening Christian Ministry: The Call To Serve Others As We Serve Jesus Christ (Righteous Pen Publications, 2014), Stumbling To Nineveh: A Journey Through The Book Of Jonah (Righteous Pen Publications, 2015); Discovering Intimacy: A Journey Through The Song Of Solomon (Righteous Pen Publications, 2015); and Ministering To LGBTs – And Those Who Love Them (Apostolic University Press, 2016).

Dr. Marino is editor-in-chief of Kingdom Now Magazine and host of the Kingdom Now television and radio programs, as well as CEO and designer for Rose of Sharon Creations, CEO of Righteous Pen Media, and Editor-in-Chief for The Righteous Pen Publications Group. She is also a member of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, a historical women’s organization with long-held ties to women’s rights, ordination, and ministry. Her main website is http://www.godskingdomnow.org.

Dr. Marino pens this blog in tribute to the continuing work of missions worldwide, especially for and related to her work as both a professor and Chancellor for Apostolic University, and for a student-based reference to explore the world of diaspora missions. Here she seeks to inspire, educate, and encourage her students to reach out to diverse Christians of every nation and place, with the love of Christ, knowing Christ’s love casts out all fear.

For more information about Apostolic University, visit http://www.apostolicuniversity.org.